We are a luxurious and conscious choice for those looking to care for themselves in a more meaningful way. Our skincare is amplified by harvesting natural essential oils and water purifying methods, promoting a high level of wellbeing, not just beauty.

Our products are wholly organic and biodynamic, combining ancient art and alchemical methods (spagyric tinctures), incorporating extracts from natural crystals and gems. Our unique three-phase system encapsulates the living energy of these natural ingredients and the ancient spelt oil contained in each product comes from our biodynamic farm.

We hold a devout appreciation for natural beauty. Our products not only nourish your complexion but will look beautiful in your home - enhancing your personal sanctuary.

Free from toxic chemicals and synthetics, AEOS transforms the way your skin looks and feels and is a holistic approach to skincare and beauty. Our award-winning formulations have mother nature to thank and will transform your beauty regime. They are blended, purified and activated, resulting in a range of delectable textures, soul-soothing colours and heavenly aromas.


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